With all of the talk about saving money and all the do-it-yourself tips – why should anyone hire a professional painter?  Although there are several reasons, Antonis Construction Building and Painting, has narrowed it down to the top 3!

  1. We will finish your project in a timely manner. As a homeowner it is easy to start a project, and then between your job, soccer games, kid’s science project, and the dishwasher going out, your project is still unfinished 6 months later.
  2. We only use high quality professional equipment. Paint brushes, rollers, and some paint will do the job, except our professionals are going to know which brand brush works the best for specific areas of your home, and which types of paint are better for a particular space, inside or outside.
  3. It’s our job! Most people would not go visit their accountant for a haircut, or vice versa. We all have jobs, things we specialize in, tricks of the trade. Antonis Construction Building and Painting has learned over years of experience. With a professional it looks clean and is finished.

[infobox]At the end of the day, painters are here to make your life easier. If you have started a job and need it finished, or if you have completed a job and need help ‘fixing’ the mistakes, or if you just want to hand the job over to us, we are here to serve you![/infobox]