Homeowners need to be fully aware of who they are letting into their homes and the importance of taking a few minutes to check the license of a contractor. Checking the license will ensure homeowners that they are not putting family and home at risk.

All contractors are required to be licensed in California through the Contractors State License Board.  To verify that a person claiming to be a contractor is licensed, ask to see his/her state issued license and id. All contractors are required to carry their contractor’s license with them.

Licensed California painting contractors must have at least four years of journey-level painting experience in their license classification and must pass exams demonstrating extensive knowledge of the painting trade and California contracting laws. In addition, a licensed contractor must carry workers compensation insurance to shield homeowners from liability and have a contractor’s license bond for consumer protection.

Unlicensed painters are unregulated, uninsured and often don’t know about the latest paint developments. If you have a problem with them or their work, it is very difficult to get help because no government agency regulates them.  They basically have no ties to the community and do not return to fix problems.  Many times, when you hire unlicensed and uninsured worker, they end up doing substandard work or never finish the job.