Dry rot, also known as brown rot, is wood decay caused by fungi, which can ruin any wooden structures inside or outside your home. It can spread thru fungus produces spores, which are spread through the air. They will germinate if they land on wood that’s been exposed to a high level of moisture. If not stopped, dry rot will weaken the wood to a point that it could literally disintegrate.

Once dry rot is removed, preventing it is simple.

Do your best to limit exposure of wood in your home to moisture with these steps:

  • Siding – Have wood siding sealed properly and installed by a licensed General Contractor.
  • Painting – Make sure any wood for outdoor use is primed on all 6 sides before painting.
  • Roofing – Have your roof checked once a year to identify and prevent and potential water damage, mold, or dry rot. Install gutters to direct rainwater away from your home’s walls and foundation.
  • Plumbing – Dry rot is commonly caused by plumbing leaks. Check underneath vanities and cabinets and around toilets for leaks. If you find any, have them repaired ASAP.
  • Ventilation – Make sure your bathrooms, attic, and kitchen have proper ventilation installed to remove excess moisture from the air.
  • Deck – Have your deck properly sealed.
  • Landscaping – Position lawn sprinklers so that they do not spray onto your home’s exterior trim.

Chris Antonis is a licensed General Contractor and a Painting Contractor with years of experience removing dry rot.