Neaten the Edges:
Even the most basic flower bed will look fantastic when properly edged. Clean lines and bold hues help boost your entry.
Consider a Knee Wall:
If you spend a lot of time in your front yard, a simple feature like a knee wall can define that outdoor living space and give you a little extra privacy.
Camouflage Eyesores:
We all have them. Don’t forget to strategically cover up eyesores like utility boxes, meters and grates. Something as simple as a well-placed potted plant with height or a sprinkling of bark can do wonders.
Add Landscape Lighting
Generally, you think of lighting the landscape from the ground up, but make the most of existing trees and shrubbery by hanging low-cost LED string lights or enclosed lanterns.
Update Shutters
Never underestimate the power of shutters, they can totally change the look. Add some shutters if you don’t have any to highlight windows and give your home more architectural weight. A fresh coat of paint on existing shutters in a bright, soothing color can instantly boost curb appeal.
Create a Social Zone
It’s nice to have a cozy spot to hang out with neighbors. A traditional bench in a cheerful color draws the eye and can hold up to the elements. Add a few pillows to soften things up.
Give Your Mailbox a Makeover
It’s one of the first things people see, so why not give it some love? Add a few simple plants in varying heights and textures, and you’ve got a mailbox you can be proud of. Colorful annuals are easy to swap out when fall comes around; just keep the plantings simple and it’ll be easy to maintain year-round.
Upgrade Your Garage Door
If your home has front-facing garage doors, consider this a curb-appeal opportunity. A gorgeous garage door doesn’t have to be a major investment. Update the doors with a fresh coat of paint or a rich stain, then add new hardware for a major makeover. We love how just a few adjustments can take a simple garage door to the next level.
Give Everything a Thorough Cleaning
Make the most of what you have by giving light fixtures, doors and walkways a thorough cleaning. Sometimes a little soap and elbow grease are all you need. You’ll be surprised at the overall improvement once the dirt and grime are washed away.