Make doormats welcoming
Shake, wash and swat them with a broom! Give your doormats the toughest cleaning they can take. They’re your front line against tracking in dirt, so keep them clean to function efficiency.
Clean carpets and upholstery
Fabrics that have absorbed a winter’s worth of dirt and germs will need a deep cleaning to get them ready for another year of wear. If you rent an upholstery/carpet cleaner, practice first in an inconspicuous area to make sure you have the knack of the machine and to assure the treatment won’t discolor fabrics or cause dyes to run. Move furniture just slightly, and place the legs of each piece back on top of small wax paper squares after shampooing to protect your carpet and keep the furniture legs from getting wet. Open windows to speed the drying process, which can take a day or more. Or, call a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner as an easy option.
Wash walls, cabinets, baseboards, and woodwork
Although the walls may not look as if they need a good cleaning, dust, and grime fall to the floor…right? Most of it does, but just enough clings to vertical surfaces to warrant a seasonal clean. Use a sponge and mild dish washing detergent, washing the surface in sections. A sponge mop makes it easier to reach higher spots. Use two buckets: one for mild dish-washing detergent solution and another for wringing your sponge. Dry the walls and woodwork with a clean cloth.
Clean ceiling fixtures
Remove dust and dirt from ceiling fans and air-conditioner vents with a cloth and a vacuum with a soft nozzle attachment.
Clean your light fixtures
A few minutes with a stepladder, all-purpose cleaner, a sponge, and a dust cloth will give new light to your life. If your home has skylights or tall ceilings, consider investing in a stepladder and extended-reach dust-and-dirt-removal tools, all of which are available at your local hardware store.