Where to start when selecting exterior paint colors?

  • First, choose your shade: Light, Medium or Dark
  • Consider the color of your roof to avoid it conflicting with main house color
  • Once you have narrowed down shade of color and take roof into consideration, decide on main/body of color.
    Look online at similar houses to yours for inspiration and to get a visualization.
  • Once you decided on main color, make sure you put up samples. This step is crucial – every color has several variables.

After you have made a firm decision on main body house color, then you choose trim and accent colors.
With trim and accent colors, less is more. Check out one of our latest projects below.

Here our client selected a light-tone green paint, which is perfect with the darker tone roof, landscaping, and exterior elements. Notice how the trim and all the accents were limited to one lighter color for cohesiveness and to balance the darker shade body color. It works perfectly!