Tis The Season To Be Festive ~ But Remember To Stay Safe

  1. Holiday Displays: Inspect the wires of any light display’s before switching them on: Check to see if wires are frayed and present an electrical fire hazard. Be sure to buy decorations according to your intended use — outdoors or indoors. Dispose of any damaged sets.
  2. Christmas Trees: Check your Christmas tree light strands for any sign of wear-and-tear from being in storage. Inspect lights for broken sockets, frayed wires and loose connections. Dispose of any damaged sets. If you have a real Christmas tree, keep it watered, since dry trees catch fire easier. Only use fire-resistant artificial trees. Never place a tree by a fireplace, radiator or other heat source.
  3. Avoid decorating the mantel with stockings, greenery or other flammable decorations if you use your fireplace frequently.
  4. Turn off all electrical decorations when you leave the house or go to sleep.