We all spend so much time in the kitchen, it has become the center of activity in most homes. When your cabinets are older and showing their age, you have many options when you are ready to fix it. Repainting or refacing your cabinets can be more economical and a great way to get an updated look. Replacing offers you almost unlimited choices. and you will get exactly what you want; this allows for new layout and design features.

  • Replacing: New and functional cabinets can mean the difference between a kitchen that works and one that doesn’t. If the cabinets you have now are not in great shape or aren’t deep enough to hold your pots and pans, or not tall enough to accommodate your cookie trays, replacing them is the better option. If you are looking for major design or layout changes replacing your cabinets is the way to go. Don’t spend money trying to fix cabinets that are truly worn out
  • Reface: Refacing isn’t an option for every kitchen remodel; it only works well if the frames of the cabinets are sound. If they are not high-quality cabinets to begin with, it usually makes more sense to replace the entire piece. Otherwise, frames and doors can look like new, door and drawer fronts are often replaced, and thin veneer is placed over the cabinet frames.
  • Refinish:  This option works if the cabinets are in good condition and only have surface finish damage. It can result in a like-new appearance; similar to restoring old furniture.
  • Repaint – Looks great and the least expensive. However, this does not allow for changes in the design or layout. And, cabinets must be in good shape. Paint is now considered a modern finish for cabinets.

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