Remember, holidays are a time to enjoy with family and friends. Try not to get caught up in the stress and do things at a pace that suits you.

Enjoy your presents. You can experiment with your new makeup kit, mess around with that new video game, or even just admire your new sweater by creating outfits with it!

Have a feast with the leftovers. If there’s one thing for sure, if you had a big Holiday dinner, you’re going to have leftovers! Have a midnight snack or make a roast sandwich! Just don’t eat leftovers if they’ve been in your fridge for more than a week and a half or two weeks. It’s unsafe and the food will taste gross by then anyway!

Be lazy. Lounge on the sofa in your pajamas with some popcorn and watch your favorite reality show, or play some games and enjoy your friends on social media. And, sleep, sleep, sleep, getting some shut eye, even if it’s only for a couple of hours, makes a world of difference. Power naps are your friend.

Appreciate your family. It’s wonderful season to spend time with friends, extended family, and relatives we don’t see regularly, but be sure to set aside time for traditions that are special to your immediate family.