Interior designers have spent a lot of time formulating ideas and designs that make the kitchen’s space appear larger than it is. Here are some great tips that you should consider applying to your small kitchen.

Replace solid cabinet doors with glass ones; solid cabinets in a small kitchen can make it feel enclosed. Replacing upper cabinets with glass fronts will lighten the look of the cabinetry and allow the eye to travel through to the back of the cabinets. Replacing solid cabinet doors with open shelves is another way to give your kitchen with a spacious and airy feeling, but be careful not to clutter the shelves, or it will defeat the purpose.

Paint the walls the same color as the cabinets/counter-tops. A single toned kitchen provides the illusion that it is more expansive, since there are no visual limitations that might stop the eye. A safe choice is to opt for pale colors (white, off-white, or beige) that reflect light and make the space feel larger.

Choose appliances and furniture with a small footprint. Nowadays you can get appliances for the smaller kitchen and there is a huge selection from mini-microwaves, stoves, and dishwashers to fridges and freezers. As far as your furniture is concerned, “less is more”. You can also opt for furniture that folds and expands, for example, a kitchen table that folds down with matching fold-able chairs.

Let there be light! Lighting is an extremely effective way for making space appear larger than it is. Consider placing one large lamp or a series of smaller lamps on the wall that will flood the kitchen with light. Additionally, under-cabinet lights do a great job of lighting up space. If you have a window in your kitchen, make sure you are not blocking light from coming in. Finally, if room allows, have Antonis Construction expand your window to let more light in, this is an option you should definitely explore.

Lastly, design simple, keeping accessories to a minimum. Ornate cabinets, large moldings, and too many knick-knacks can make a kitchen look significantly more crowded than it is. A kitchen with clean lines is soothing to the eye and has a feeling of openness and sophistication.