Having a pet doesn’t have to mean settling for stained and trampled carpets or scratched up wood floors; your four-legged friend can live in harmony with stylish flooring. Here’s how…

  • Use an Oil Finish: Other finishes can be slippery for paws, which may inspire a tendency for furry friends to use their claws for traction.
  • Try High End Linoleum Tiles: Durable and essentially scratch-proof, today’s linoleum options have little else in common with those in your childhood memories. There are many design-conscious brands for sturdy, pet-proof tiles, attractive enough for any room.
  • Never Underestimate an Area Rug: Pets and carpeting can be a messy combination. But well-placed rugs in highly trafficked areas can extend the life of a newly refinished floor. Carpet tiles come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and adhere to each other to stay in place.
  • Scratch Proof the Stairs: It’s nearly impossible to keep carpeting on stairs from showing its wear and tear. Instead, sacrifice the wall-to-wall for attractive prefinished hardwood.
  • Keep Furry Companions’ Claws Clipped: It may sound obvious, but the best way to prevent your favorite canine or feline from scratching up your floors is to make frequent use of the nail clippers.