Be prepared:  Whether you forget to have a tiny screwdriver on hand or you forget to pick up the batteries at the store, make sure you have the miscellaneous items you need before this holiday gets started. Sometimes it’s tiny little things like packing tape or extra saucers for your holiday dinner. Take a quick inventory over the next few days and see what you might be missing.
Don’t let the spirit of the season get lost in the shuffle: This time of year, some people focus too much on gifts, both receiving and giving, and less about the opportunity to spend more time together. When your kids get big, they might not remember the small little gift that was in their stocking, but they’ll remember those extra 15 games of Candy Land that you played with them over the long holiday weekend.
Take time for you: It’s common to worry about what other people want, what other people need. Maybe your daughter wants a very specific toy that’s hard to find. Maybe you’re making sure that you have that extra wine on hand that your relatives love. People tend to always worried about what other people want and what other people need. Although it is important, just remember to take a moment and slow down and appreciate life. If you’re the only one in your house that likes chestnuts roasting over an open fire, do it! You don’t need a reason to do something just for yourself. This holiday season is going to be unbelievably successful because of you.
No room for Guilt: Maybe you waited too long to get the best-selling toy and they were sold out. Maybe you forgot to get a few extra sets of holiday lights for your tree. Maybe you didn’t have the time to send out holiday cards. Nobody will remember anything but the big picture of the holiday season. Most of the time we are the ones guilting ourselves. We just know that we could’ve been that much better. This year… let that go! To sum it up, be prepared, take a breath, let go of guilt, enjoy the season, and do something for yourself!
The Antonis Family wishes you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays!