Here are some tips to make your yard scary and safe, no matter what your Halloween theme.

Light Strategically: Halloween is all about darkness, but make sure there are some low lights to guide visitors along the path. These pirate path lamps light the way with a scary touch.

Keep Walkways Clear: Keep decorations off of walkways and securely tape down any power cords to make sure trick-or-treaters don’t trip over your tricks. If you’ve got low decorations or dangling wires from trees in your yard, form a barrier with tombstones or straw bales to keep visitors out of harm’s way.

Avoid Fire: Battery-powered candles work great inside jack-o’-lanterns, and solar or plug-in spotlights can be used to create creepy shadows and path lighting. Never leave lit candles unattended, even down inside a pumpkin, and if your neighborhood has lots of trick-or-treaters, steer clear of bonfires.

Make “Tricks” Just for Fun: If you have scary characters, surprise goblins, or dangling spiders; make sure they don’t actually touch or trip anyone or cause harm. The very spirit of Halloween means that people are going to be a little less predictable, so it’s better to be on the side of “pretending to trick,” rather than risking hurting or really frightening someone.