It’s that time of year – it’s time to prepare for the holidays!  Start as early as possible so you can enjoy and have a relaxing Holiday Season!

Before you think about decorating for the holidays, take a couple of hours and ensure that you have a clean slate to start from.  Purge anything you need to get rid of, clean your home and go through any piles of paper, organize kitchen cabinets, and put stuff away. This will make your whole holiday season go more smoothly if you do this now!

Grab your boxes and containers from the garage or basement and decorate your home for the holidays.  Whether you prefer to skip from Halloween straight to Christmas, or you like to squeeze Fall decorations in there, decorate as early in the season as you feel comfortable decorating.

Home Maintenance:
After you organize, purge, clean and decorate your home, you can still do other things to truly prepare your home for the holidays.  From yard work to cleaning out the gutters, ensure your exterior is ready to go before the holidays hit!  Also do any maintenance inside your home that needs to be done too.

Make Your Home Smell Amazing:
While you are taking care of cleaning your home and any maintenance that needs to be done, make sure your home smells good too!  A few fall scented candles during this time of year, or Christmas scented candles makes such a difference! There’s just something about a special scent — you’re not always totally aware it’s there, but when you walk into a room that has a certain smell, you’re immediately hit with a memory of a time or place. Create that effect in your home — or simply kick a room’s stink!

Prepare for Visitors:
Are you having guests stay with you this holiday season?  If so, prepare now!  If you have a dedicated guest bedroom, be sure the bed is made with fresh linens now and ensure that room is ready to go.  Dust thoroughly and open a window if possible to let fresh air circulate. Make sure there is room in the closet and open drawer space for your guests. You may need to bring a chair or chaise lounge into the room, so your guest has a place other than the bed to read, put their shoes on, etc… When having house guests, it is important to make them feel welcome. Spending some time preparing for their arrival will allow you to enjoy their company once they arrive.

Start Early:
Whether you are preparing for the holidays, preparing for guests for preparing for a holiday party the most important thing is to start early!  Things will always take longer than you anticipate, so if you start preparations early, you will not be stressed out or putting up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve!