Going up into the attic on a hot day isn’t ideal. But there is another reason to wait until fall to do any projects that should do with insulating your home. You can feel a draft when the weather starts to cool down which makes it easy to tell where you need to improve your insulation.

Become Energy Efficient
Caulking around windows, doors, and siding is a simple, and inexpensive. A good trick to test where you need to caulk is to carefully walk around the interior of your home with a lighted incense stick.  If the smoke starts blowing it can indicate where you need to do some caulking. Silicone caulk is flexible, waterproof, and crack-proof. It is used on the outside of your home, so make sure you do it before it gets too cold. If you live in an area where the temperature drops below 40, you shouldn’t caulk, because the caulk won’t adhere as well.

Clean the Gutters
Getting moisture away from the foundation is key, and the way to do it is to clean your gutters and check your downspouts to make sure water is being funneled away from the house. Clogged gutters in the winter can cause water to build up and cause damage. Another place where moisture can build up is between the slats of a wood deck. You can take a dull handsaw and run it between each board and push the crud out. This will help avoid moisture build up and mold. In addition, it will help the wood to breathe and it will look better.

Plant a Tree
Trees are dormant in the fall which makes it’s easier on the root system. Think about where you plant it so that it can help with saving energy. If you get it in the correct position, it can act as a barrier in the winter, and provide shade in the summer. Plus, it’s a fun project and great for the environment.

Organize the Garage
It’s easy for garages and sheds to fall into a bit of disarray during the summer months since that’s where you probably store sporting equipment, bikes, the lawnmower, tools, and more. It’s not a fun task, but mild fall days are the perfect time to purge everything you don’t want or use and clean everything you’re keeping. Also, it is easier to get unwanted items to the dump on a nice fall weekend than a cold and wet winter day.