The answer is YES!

You should only hire professionals, like Antonis Construction, that:
Exhibit good business practices

  • Are willing to show you their Certificate of Insurance
  • Are open about their credentials and background
  • Have an established local business address
  • Can be located easily on the Internet

Financial Risks
Ask around and you will quickly discover the property damage, scams, poor workmanship and contractors that either disappear in the middle of the job or ask for more money to finish work they underestimated on the job.

Hiring an un-licensed, un-insured or under-insured contractor is a serious financial risk. Here are just a couple of items to consider:

  • Medical bills for anyone injured on your property
  • Lawsuit by contractor for a variety of claims
  • Increase in your insurance policy cost
  • Cancellation of your homeowners’ policy
  • Out of pocket expenses due to theft or other crimes

Unlicensed Typically Means Uninsured.
Accidents which results in injury or damage to someone’s property will belong to you without coverage.

No Coverage under Homeowner’s Policy.
Most homeowner policies require work on the property be completed by licensed contractors. If the contractor is not licensed and insured, you may be uninsured as well.

Poor Quality Work.
Certainly not all unlicensed painters are poor quality. But often, complaints about mediocre work result from unlicensed contractors. Unlicensed and untrained painters are not subject to meeting specific quality or service standards. Sloppy work can have serious ramifications.

Con Artists.
Scams in the construction industry especially in the home improvement business have become almost legendary in the last few decades.

Yes, You Do Really Need a Licensed, Insured & Bonded Painter!