Make the bed
Before you even think about leaving the house for the day, make your bed! Even if the rest of your room is messy, a neat bed instantly makes the room look pulled together.

Wipe down the shower
Use a squeegee on the shower door after every shower to prevent water spots and grime. It only takes seconds to do, and it keeps the glass looking clear and bright.

Clean the bathroom sink
Keeps a container of cleaning wipes under your sink to give it a quick cleaning. This will keep your sink clear of toothpaste smudges and grime.

Wipe down kitchen counters
Wipe down counters nightly with a homemade solution — one-part vinegar, three parts water, and a squirt of dish soap that you can store in a spray bottle. The vinegar cuts through grease and does a great job clearing up the smudges on stainless appliances.

Clean as you go
Don’t go to bed with a dirty kitchen, clean up while you cook. If you have something in the oven, wipe down the counters and wash dishes while you wait. This way, the only thing you have to do after dinner is stick dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Do an end-of-day clean sweep
Before bed, get everyone to pitch in for a quick tidying up session. Pick up toys, put away the mail, hang up jackets and backpacks.  If everyone helps out, it can take less than five minutes.

Put your clothes away
Before you go to bed, put dirty clothes in the hamper or re-hang clean ones in the closet. And in the morning, fold your pajamas and store them in their proper place. This will help you having a pile of laundry on the floor by the end of the week.

Open a window or two
Open a front window, and the back door or window to air out the house every day –  just for a few minutes.  It helps to fight off stale air — or any random lingering odors from dinner — and it makes the house feel fresh.