We continue to receive several calls from homeowners finding themselves in chaos when leading their home projects and taking on a General Contractor role. Protect yourself and save money by hiring a professional to coordinate any required subcontractors.  One of the most important skills for any do-it-yourselfer is to know when not to. When taking on a big project, like adding a bathroom, remodeling a kitchen, or a job that involves expertise (and tools), turning to professionals is a great and valuable choice.
Enter the world of contractors and subcontractors. What’s the difference? Think of it like this. If you hire an event planner for a wedding you don’t expect him or her to bake the cake, cook the meal, grow the flowers or play the music. You pay the planner to use his or her knowledge and expertise of the industry and organizational skills to bring together the best baker, caterer, florist in a coordinated effort to make your event successful. The event planner is the contractor, and the people in his or her Rolodex are trusted subcontractors.