Tiles are easy to clean, practically stain resistant and they don’t retain odors or bacteria, which makes them a great choice for your bathroom flooring and walls.

One concern some people find with tiling their bathroom is that once a tile color has been chosen, it is difficult to change. You can’t simply paint over your tiles if you want a new color pattern. That makes choosing the right color for your bathroom tiles a somewhat difficult task, but here are some helpful tips that can help you with decision. When using tiles, you can create complex color patterns since each individual tile can come in its own unique color. Complex color patterns can seem overwhelming and a bit discomforting, which are two characteristics you don’t want your bathroom to have.

  • Dark colors: can make the room feel smaller.
  • Light colors: can make the room feel broad and expansive.
  • Mixed colors: offer a unique design but should be used in small sections so they aren’t overwhelming.
  • Warm colors: create a calm, soothing atmosphere and offset the cold, cool look of bathroom fixtures