Toilet Rugs
Toilet rugs are cut to fit around the toilet and sometimes have the carpet-like matching seat cover. Solution: Small rectangular rug placed away from the base of the toilet.
Too Many Photos
You’re either a photo person or you’re not. Photo people feel very sentimental and have a hard time giving up the pictures on their walls and tables. Solution: Gallery Wall to display your favorite photos you can switch whenever you’d like.
Undressed Cords and Cables
A cluster of tangled wires clutters your home office and can be a hazard. Solution: Organize cords & keep wires hidden. Find a cord cover that matches your wall color. If your furniture is not valuable, drill a hole in the back for the cords to go through. Keep unused wires in a labeled storage container in an easily accessible area.
Outdated Accessories
Don’t let your rooms feel dated by hanging on to older cabinets and especially hardware. Solution: Updated Hardware, make small changes like switching the hardware on your kitchen or bath cabinets for a big impact.
Uncomfortable Dining Chairs
Never have an uncomfortable piece of furniture, especially a dining chair. Solution: When purchasing a dining chair, sit in it and decide if you want to be there for a long time. Measure the height of your dining room table before you buy chairs to make sure they’re not too low or too high.
Furniture That Doesn’t Fit
Showrooms are much larger than your living room, so when you bring furniture into your home, the scale can be completely wrong. Solution: 1. Draw a to scale floor plan or purchase a room design kit so you can find the best layout without moving heavy furniture.2. Embrace “less is more”, and don’t try to put too much into any space. 3. Measure the room before buying furniture pieces, and you’ll decrease the chances of making a mistake.
Frames Hung Too High
If you must bend your neck to see your art, then it’s hung too high. Solution: Hang art at eye level. Eye level or about 60 inches is the optimal height for hanging art and mirrors. Look at the top of your door frames and if your pieces are big enough, they should just reach the top of the door frame. To hang artwork over a sofa, make sure the bottom edge is six inches above the top of the sofa.
Fake Flowers
This is a debated topic, but fake flowers (and plants) are a mistake. They gather dust and don’t bring life into your home like real flowers, which look and smell better. Fresh flowers are expensive, but there are other things you can do instead of buying them all the time. Solution: Display a Refreshing Fruit Centerpiece
In addition to the occasional fresh flower centerpiece, you can put lemons or other fruit in a bowl for a punch of color.