When renovating your bathroom, it’s important that it performs its function, while maintaining a feeling of comfort. It is not just a place to wash up, it is your personal spa, a place to relax. Check out these newest bathroom design trends.

Going High-Tech: Nowadays toilets have features such as, seat warmers, automatic lid openers and slow close features, self-cleaning, and built-in deodorizer! It is not just the toilet that is going high-tech. The entire bathroom has gone high tech. You can have a smart shower that automatically knows your preferred temperature and turns on your favorite tunes during shower time. Or, you can add a small fridge within your bathroom cabinetry to keep medicine and drinks cool.

Brass & Gold Tone Fixtures:
These are not the fixtures you may remember when you were growing up, these new warm toned gold’s will become your new go to.¬† The new tone is the perfect complement to the cooler gray paint colors that have become extremely popular in recent years.¬† The warm gold tone adds just the right amount of dimension and luxury to any space.

Heated Floors: If you have to put on socks or slippers before walking cross your bathroom floor, then it might be a good investment for you to consider adding a heating system under your floor. Your cold tile can transform into a beautiful soothing warm floor. Heating systems not only provide heat, but they can also reduce noise levels.

Neutral Styles: Neutral decors are super popular right now. Homeowners love the whites, grey and warm brown color palette that make a space look modern and elegant. There is a certain appeal to the natural and organic combination, such as aged flooring and vintage plumbing fixtures. Homeowners are looking to create some of that natural feel to make the bathroom more relaxing.