Home style matters; if you live in a Victorian, modern, or bungalow, house colors can really dictate your color scheme. For example, a Victorian you may prefer blue body color, white trim, and rusty red accents to create a crisp and contemporary three-color scheme that’s also deep-rooted in tradition.

Color suggests moods; think about the overall feel that you’re hoping to create. If you want the house to appear bright and cheerful, use light colors such as white or light gray. If you want it to feel more impressive and substantial, consider using deeper colors like dark gray or navy.

If you have any items, like an air conditioning unit that you’d like to de-emphasize, put paneling around AC unit then have it painted the same color as the house.  Opposite is true as well, if you have beautiful door that you’d like to emphasize, paint it a contrasting color so it stands out.

Unless you are 100 percent sure on a bold color pattern, consider painting your house in a neutral tone. Then use pops of color on your front door and trim work.  If you ever get sick of a bright yellow door, it’s an inexpensive and easy fix.

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