Make 2017 Productive: Tips from Time Management Experts:

Plan Tomorrow Today: The early bird catches the worm –  if it plans the night before. Fill out your planner the night before so you don’t’ feel rushed or like you have to get to something right away. This is an approach that some time-management experts endorse. Simply having a battle plan is like waking up to find your work already started.
Write a one-item to-do list: If your work has become more complex, fighting a long, unfinished to-do lists and replacing them with a single daily goal can really help.  By acknowledging limited time, and too much to do, and forcing yourself to choose just one thing and getting it done every day, can end up with you accomplishing your most important goals.
Know when to quit:  Some think that stopping work on a project is a failure, but backing away when you’re no longer adding value is crucial. Don’t be afraid to stop work, it creates capacity to work on things that truly matter and ends up saving time, energy, and resources.
Do only things you love while procrastinating: You may think that to truly be productive, you need to stop procrastinating, but it might be better to embrace it. Some folks can’t help it, so try to only do things you love when procrastinating—exercise, take time with friends and family, etc.  This helps put less productive time to better use. It eliminates ‘time-wasting’, so you can get back to work without feeling guilty.
Automate Scheduling: Many rely on using a scheduling app to keep schedule in order. Especially if you average a dozen or more people wanting to get onto your calendar per week. In that case, it can take three or four emails just to nail down a single appointment.  But with scheduling apps, the tedious “back-and-forth” will allow more time to do more productive and revenue-generating work.